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Wedding Flowers Q&A

 Wedding Flowers - Questions, Answers and Comments

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Q.        What are the style trends for my Bridal Bouquet?

A.         Vintage, Whimsical is very popular (e.g. flowers from Granny’s garden, hedgerows, loose floral, non-structured).

C.         The only issue with this style is that the bouquet has to be larger than normal to give it the loose look.


Q.         What flowers are in season?

A.         Whilst looking at images on the Internet is a great idea, be mindful that some varieties are subject to seasonality and may not be available for your date.

C.         Peony Roses are only available from April to June, Ranunculus, Anemones and Hydrangea are also very seasonal but in most cases, a suitable replacement can be found.


Q.         How big should my bouquet be?

A.         Posy 20-30cm width. Shower bouquet (tear-drop style) 40-50cm

C.         We usually advise that your bouquet should not exceed your waist line.  Most dressers are fitted to the waist.


Q.         Should my bouquet be simple or detailed?

A.         We advise that your bouquet should really match the style of dress, as it is an accessory.

C.         If your dress is simple, then keep the bouquet simple.  If your dress has lots of bling embellishment, it can look nice to add some diamante studs to the bouquet.  Think of your bouquet as a handbag – that is, if you would to choose a handbag to match your dress, what type of handbag should it be?


Q.         What colour should my bouquet be?

A.         You can always bring in colour other than Ivory to your bouquet, but it is not necessary to bring in the bridesmaids colour.

C.         Most brides choose neutral make up and shoes and most dresses are Ivory or off-white so when choosing colour understand that your flowers will be the only different colour in your ensemble.


Q.         Do your recommend hair floral?

A.         Hair floral can add an extra dimension, a touch of elegance or a hint of the bohemian.

C.         I recommend consulting with your hair dresser, e.g. will your hair style suit floral?


Q.         What about the Bridesmaids bouquets and colour?

A.         The bridesmaids bouquets should match their dresses and the bouquet should be simpler than the brides.

C.         Understand that colour is very subjective especially with colours like blue and purple.  There are many different shades and sometimes a subtle contrast is the way to go.  (e.g. Hot Pink dress and blush pink floral.)


Q.        Should the floral girls get a bouquet?

A.         Yes, this is nice to do but only if the girls are from 3 years to 12 years.

C.         Baskets are a good option for the younger girls as they are easy to hold and carry.  Pomanders are fabulous but are labour intensive and so very expensive.  Mini Posy’s for the older girls similar to the bride’s is always nice.


Q.        Should the Groom and Gents wear buttonholes?

A.         It is always nice to match the groom with a floral buttonhole similar to the bride’s bouquet.  Buttonholes for the gents in the wedding party, including the Dads, can be matched up with the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

C.         Alternatively, you can pick up the colour using the same shades in the tie/pocket square.


Q.        Should the Pageboy get a buttonhole?

A.         If the pageboy is wearing a suit, I would recommend him having a buttonhole also.

C.         For younger pageboys, we always attached a magnet fastening as opposed to a pin.


Q.         Do we need Mothers Thank You Bouquets?

A.         In my view, these are still important on the day and always nice to do.

C.         Thank You Bouquets are an inexpensive gift that is very visual which is important for Mammy’s.


Q.         Do I need a stand for the unity candles?

A.         No. We attached a fixture to the candles and have them well secured within the floral arrangement.

C.         It is not necessary to purchase candles as we supply them.  This arrangement can be easily transferred from the Altar/Ceremony table to the top table for the reception.

Q.         Do you offer packages for Church and Ceremony decoration?

A.         No, as churches vary in size, we do not offer a standard church decoration package.  Also, this is the same for ceremony rooms as they vary considerable in set up.

C.         If you put the same scale floral in a big church as a small church, the impact of the decoration can be easily muted by the size of the church and consequently deliver very little value at all.  Always take photos of the church as a guide, these are very useful for discussion at your consultation.


Q.         Do I need table decorations?

A.         Table centrepieces add the finishing touch to your guests’ tables.  It is a good idea to have a budget in mind for these.

C.         The main cost driver in table decorations is scale – how big? How many?  Indicative budgets are from €25.00 to €125.00 per table.


Q.         Do table centres impede on sight line?

A.         No, not if the design is good.

C.         The floral should always be below 30cm for low floral or above 60cm for high floral.  We supply an extensive range of vases to facilitate and deliver maximum impact.


Q.         Can the flowers be transferred from the ceremony to the reception?

A.         Yes, we provide a full installation and transfer service. Price on application.

C.         If a civil ceremony is in the hotel, hotel staff should transfer the floral for you.  If the decoration is minimal in the church we can show you how to easily transfer the floral to the reception yourself.


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