How To Get The Most From Your Bouquet - Flower Care Tips

by Jenna Clarke-Molloy on March 20, 2021

In order to make your bouquet last in the best condition as long as possible, we have compiled a number of handy and easy to follow tips:


  1. Trim at least half an inch off the stems of the flowers diagonally before moving them to a vase, and each time you replace the water.


  1. Flower bouquets will arrive with water supported by the packaging to ensure your flowers do not become dehydrated while being delivered. Once transferred to a vase, be sure to replace the water every two to three days to ensure flowers remain hydrated.


  1. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight and warmth, as this will cause them to mature too quickly.


  1. Avoid leaving your bouquet beside fruit or vegetables, as the gas the ripening fruit or vegetables emit can be harmful to flowers. Remove wilted petals and leaves to avoid them harming other flowers and leaves.


  1. Once you are finished with your bouquet, be sure to wash your vase out thoroughly. This will ensure that the bacteria from your last bouquet will not be harmful to your next bouquet.